The opportunity to study or continue your education abroad is a dream for everyone. With such a huge name, every university can afford to offer the highest quality to the younger generation to pursue a degree.

Many renowned universities around the world are frequently leading the way in pioneering innovations that will transform the world. And that’s not even mentioning the graduates who are poor in the business world. This is why the name of the institution has been incredibly high.

10 Best Universities In The World

Do you have a list of the best universities around the world in 2021 edition? Here’s a list that will definitely make you feel passionate about your goal of becoming a successful professional.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Based on the QS Ranking 2021, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is ranked as one of being the best college in the world. The prestigious University of the United States has proved to possess excellent qualities on all levels.

Based on its position starting from its strategic location Cambridge. Its proximity to the Charles River and adjacent to Kendal Square which is known as a place to gather to discover new things, this location is conducive to the pursuit of learning and the high enthusiasm for students.

In terms of achievements in research in terms of research, graduates, and achievements, MIT has proven to be recognized globally. The three aspects can be observed by the excellent standards of the six schools offered.

You can also see evidence of the success of the university from the legendary astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Koffi Annan seventh secretary of the United Nations.

2. Stanford University

Not less that MIT, Stanford University takes the position of a highly strategic area. It is located in California in the middle of office locations such as Yahoo, Google, and other top-of-the-line tech companies. This will surely ensure that students continue to be excited, and here.

In addition that, due to the dormitory facilities available students just need to walk to the campus

If the college of your dreams isn’t at MIT Then this school could be the right choice since it provides possibilities in faculties of law, medicine humanities and sciences engineering and education, earth sciences and business.

To increase its effectiveness in academic research, Google is now ranked as the 4th best in the world. There is evidence of this quality from students like Larry Page and Sergey Brin who helped create Google.

3. Harvard University

Many dream of getting the chance to go to the oldest college located in the United States.

With the academic research achievements classified as the seventh most effective in the world , according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, it’s enough to demonstrate that this college is a desirable one.

For nine different types of schools, and one institute that is sheltered Harvard University chose to put the lecture hall into different zones. Its main campus can be close to Harvard Yard, while the other campuses are located in Longwood and the Allston and Longwood regions.

As a major university, Harvard claims to be one of the universities with the largest collections of books for libraries that includes libraries from all regions of the globe.

It is evident the excellence of Harvard in enhancing the intellect of its students by studying its actions by Mark Zuckerberg to build Facebook and president Barack Obama, President of Obama of the United States Barack Obama.

4. University of Oxford

The title is an oldest institution in UK and it is University of Oxford remains a ideal campus for young people across the world whether they are looking for a Bachelor’s program or continue their education towards an advanced degree.

It’s not without reason One reason is the result of scientific research results that have helped them to claim the first spot in the world in 2021.

As with similar to the UK university system generally The university has 39 colleges that are under its aegis located throughout the city. Each of them has departments in the sciences of nature as well as social sciences and the arts.

With such a large quantity of candidates, this famous institution definitely makes a huge expenditure on education. Particularly for postgraduate or doctoral degrees it is possible through it being able to offer the Rhodes Scholarship and Clarendon Scholarship programs, which are open to graduates of all world universities.

5. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The same is true equally well-established in equally well-established in the United States with a specialty in technology and engineering The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has emerged as the most powerful MIT competitor.

Despite fierce competition, Caltech demonstrated its superiority in the management for its Jet Propulsion laboratory which was prior to being under the control of NASA.

The quality is further enhanced due to the presence of mathematics faculties and astronomy as well as faculties that are focused on the science of the areas of technology and engineering.

Once you’re an Caltech student, you’ll encounter a distinct way of life. The semester exams are taken together. This is since the task is known to be difficult.

Because of these efforts, Caltech has been able to produce excellent alumni that have been awarded Nobel Prizes. One of the winners includes Charles Richter, a pioneer Seismologist and whose name has been immortalized in the present earthquake measurement device.

6. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Although it’s placed sixth globally, in the category of universities that concentrates on technology and engineering, ETH Zurich is ranked 2nd worldwide.

With the ability to compete for rankings, this school is a remarkably extensive program of study when compared to others Swiss universities. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it has produced some of the world’s top researchers who have been awarded the Nobel Prize, including Albert Einstein.

To guarantee the abilities for its learners, ETH Zurich has a program of basic courses that are compulsory for students in the undergraduate level who have completed a year of studies. If you fail to achieve the minimum standard the course must be retaken the entire process.

As part of the jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of the German state The language used in undergraduate courses is German. The instruction language for postgraduate and doctoral degrees is English.

7. University of Cambridge

The university has been named the top among the top ten universities of the world universities, the University of Cambridge has 31 colleges that are ready to host the top students all over the globe.

Through the college system being divided All student activities centres, from lecture rooms as well as libraries situated all over the Cambridge city region.

In contrast to the universities of the previous rankings The University of Cambridge offers a vast array of faculties that cover all areas of study.

The quality of faculties, but also the analysis of academic research can also be the measure of the quality of an institution. This university ranks among the top three universities in the world in 2021.

The alumni who have made it big, there are names like Prince Charles as well as Stephen Hawking to Charles Darwin who have made the school proud.

8. University College London (UCL)

This is one of the institutions that are able to expand its international reach. If the main building is situated in the center of London Other campuses pick Qatar as a location that is suitable specifically in Doha.

To meet the requirements, University College London has put together 11 faculties that are able to be accessed by prospective students. The colleges include 100 of them. While there are quite a number of faculties to choose from, UCL shows its quality by joining the Russell Group , which is acknowledged as the world’s top academic research organization.

To aid students and their needs, there are 17 libraries located in on the campus’s main area.

What happens to the students who graduate? It is reported that many famous celebrities have been educated at the university, among whom can be Mahatma Gandhi. Another figure is well-known Hollywood filmmaker, Christopher Nolan.

9. Imperial College London

What is this university? It is located inside the South Kesington area of London This area is lush with greenery, making the commute to the campus less stressful.

Along with refreshing, the track can also be walked by students walking. The access to the lecture room is also made easier by bus lines and tube lines.

The facilities aren’t finished by the ease of access. Imperial College London also supports the talents and interests of its students through the gym and music rooms.

In addition to the convenience of the facilities available The attraction of this institution does not reside in this area. The environment of the university is said to be more multicultural since it has 59 percent higher number of foreigners than local students. This acceptance is even open to students to students from 140 countries.

Don’t get me wrong The research achievements of this university ranking is among the top 10 places in the world, so you know!

10. University of Chicago

Apart from being situated inside The Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago In addition, the University of Chicago also has other campuses located in Hong Kong, Paris, London, Beijing and even New Delhi.

Every program has a different amount of school. In undergraduate programs, there are five kinds of schools. The same applies to postgraduate programs. The professional program is a concentrated version of the area into seven professional schools.

To support the development of its students, the college definitely has libraries that hold the most printed books available in the United States. There are now libraries in the entire university. been growing to six buildings that are divided across the entire campus.

The progress was further shown when this university was successful in establishing the first human-made nuclear reaction.

In particular, if it’s not supported by high-quality research, which has ranked 9th globally in 2021.

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