A lot of people are interested in earning money online. However, only a small percentage of people are seriously interested in online earnings. The internet income as a cash machine. You can make a lot of money in the right strategy. The first thing to be aware of is that you must have a background in various areas (check below for more).

These are 30 ways to earn money online to support your company or for other purposes. Do not miss every point, make sure to read it attentively to be able to earn money online by 2021.

1. Create your own blog

It is possible to earn money through blogs with a specific subject like marketing or advertising.

2. Test the website

Websites should be continually examined by real people. It is possible to do the test using your personal computer.

3. Facebook

In the Facebook profile, users are able to utilize authorized links or post advertisements from other businesses. You can also use your profile or Facebook groups to use the links you have been authorized to share on.

4. Applications for the Program

Install the app in Google Play or the Appstore or Google Play and make money through advertising on the app or through purchasing the app.

5. Marketing approval has been granted.

Create at least one website and recommend products or services that might be of interest to your visitors.

6. Instagram

Make the Instagram account around the specific topic and partner with other companies with a similar target. Here you can find some helpful ways to increase the number of Instagram followers.

The video below gives additional information on making money with Instagram:

7. YouTube

You can earn money online through self-captured videos for example by referring back to products and linking them to links that are authorized in the description, or by working with partners from outside.

8. Medium forum

Forums must be monitored continuously and posts that are not needed should be removed or restricted. More sales from engaging advertisements posted on Facebook as well as Instagram. Follow this strategy and you will reach your goals for sales through online marketing.

9. The website offers sales advertising

If you’ve got an online presence that has a lot of users, our advertising partners can also reach you. You can also actively contact other organizations within the target audience.

10. Twitter

You are able to post ads or links that you have authorized on your personal or business profile.

11. Sell your photos

You can upload and even sell your images on platforms such as PhotoTolia or Photograph.d

12. Create online courses

If you’re an expert in your field then you can put your knowledge through an online class and promote it to your intended audience.

13. E-Sports

In e-sports you can participate in tournaments and receive handsome cash prizes should you achieve. If you’ve attained a certain level of recognition, other organizations could also offer sponsorship.

14. Write the text

Earn money as a full-time or part-time copywriter on platforms such as Content.de as well as Text Broker. You could also look for and find jobs that aren’t on these platforms.

15. Management of social media

You may use your experience regarding Facebook, Instagram and Co to help other businesses and pay in line with the amount you earn.

16. Design the shirt

You can create your own shirts with platforms like spreadsheets , and sell them through online stores. The video below gives more details:

17. Jerky

It is possible to do this through the Twitch streaming service permits viewers to donate money.

18. Email marketing

Make one or several email list, and recommend recipients for your products or services to third-party recipients.

19. Make sure you update your checking account

By using our online comparison tool we can help you find the best check accounts, and receive bonuses when you exchange.

20. E-book sales

Write an e-book about the subject you are interested in and then release it on the right websites or offer it for sale through your site or on other social networks.

21. Survey

You can also conduct surveys from your mobile and thus earn an extra income.

22. Learn SEO

General tips However, if you have a good understanding of SEO it is possible to monetize by partnering with clients or apply your expertise to build your own website project.

23. Start your own company

Through your own online company it is possible to sell your products on your own and earn money online.

24. The use of advertising portals

You can offer items you don’t need via online advertising sites, thus increasing the budget of your family.

25. Software websites

Programmers are always in high demand and consequently, well-paid.

26. Find a rental apartment

You can lease your home or apartment on an online platform, such as Airbnb.

27. Trading in stocks

It is also possible to earn money by investing in stocks. However, be aware that they are not appropriate for those who are new to investing take your time reading the material prior to reading the article.

28. Insects

On numerous websites it is possible to play online poker and rely on your performance. You can also participate in tournaments with high prize cash.

29. Use Etsy

With Etsy and other offerings you can also sell your own items on the internet.

30. Additional Tips

Find a way to be imaginative! Explore your area to find out what you can do to earn some money. You can also ask your friends and acquaintances if they would be willing to give these suggestions.

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