Computers (Desktop PCs) continue to be widely utilized for many reasons. Some of them are suitable for applications that require large components for work. For instance, creating videos and playing games.

Computers are also accessible to purchase. It doesn’t matter if we go to the store for computers directly, or purchase it on the internet.

As opposed to earlier price, today’s prices are now quite affordable.

How to Turn on the Computer Correctly for Durability?

If we’re talking about computers, naturally the people who recently purchased wish their computer to last for a long time and not easily damaged in the short long term.

Due to that it is one thing that’s fascinating to talk about here particularly for newbies.

This is how to start the computer correctly.

1. Connect your PC to the computer’s socket

When buying the computer, there is an integrated power cable and the cable is taken , and then connected to the side of the computer to a device known as”the power supply.

After connecting the power supply Connect the power cable on the opposite side to the wall outlet (as illustrated in the photo).

Examine the back of the computer, and where there’s a switch move it to ON. Its role is to initiate the flow of electric current.

If you’re using an UPS or stabilizer make sure to connect it to the appropriate place.

2. Connect the Device Required Computer

When you connect the computer, the electricity will be running.

It is the next thing to do. connect the devices that are required for computer use, for example the mouse, keyboard and speakers.

It’s easy. Use the keyboard and mouse cables, then connect the cables to side of your computer. There’s a connection (it’s known as the USB port ).

It’s the same with speakers as well. However, most speakers require extra power, which could be done through the form of a USB or power cord.

3. Activate the Monitor

If the laptop is as one unit with its monitor however, the computer isn’t. The computer monitor is independent and we must attach it to the monitor first.

The first step is to attach the cable for the display to the rear of your computer. There’s a port on the back of the computer. The type of port could vary, but it could be HDMI as well as DSUB (VGA). It appears like this:

If you do, then connect the power cable for the monitor directly to the wall plug. Then , turn on the display using the power button at the bottom or on the side of the monitor.

4. Turn on the Computer

If everything is properly connected If everything is connected correctly, we can start the computer. It’s simple, just press the power button located on the casing (as illustrated in the photo).

If the computer is turned running, a fan will be heard and the light in the computer’s case turn on.

It’s even simpler to do this if you have windows on your computer. You can see very easily whether your computer is working or not.

5. Wait for the Computer Boot Process

Before a computer can begin to be utilized, it must undergo a process known as the boot process first. This is a method of loading which helps load the system onto the computer.

Isn’t it too long? No. It takes on average 3-4 minutes. If your computer is of good quality it will take less than just a few seconds to load.

The distinctive feature of this booting procedure will be it is that Windows logo is displayed (as as shown in the image) during the loading process.

6. Wait for the Initial Loading of the System

Following booting, there’s another initial load process to be performed on the system. It is where the system loads the data and then runs applications.

The term”startup” is used to describe the process. It commences immediately after Windows loading has been completed.

The startup process is quicker than the process of booting. Most of the time, it takes 1 to 2 minutes.

7. Computers are a great tool for use

The process of booting and starting is successful without any issue and the computer can be utilized immediately.

You can do whatever you like. Open games, software connect computers to internet, and many more.

Like always, you can make use of the keyboard and mouse to operate it.

How do you turn off your computer

After you have used your computer needs to be turned off. To shut off the computer take these steps:

  • Right-click on the left side (There is an emblem)
  • Then select Shutdown.
  • The process will take some time till the LED light comes on the computer is off and the fan stops.

Don’t forget to disconnect all power cables , including the power speaker and the monitor. This is a way to conserve electricity.

Apart from connecting the USB cable you are able to connect it ( mouse keyboard ). This means that you don’t have to worry about connecting it again later.

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Troubleshooting When Turning On The Computer

The above tutorial explains how to start your computer within a typical situation. What happens do you do if something goes wrong?

Here are the top 3 frequently encountered problems:

#1. No Image When New Computer Turns On

Most often, the problem lies within the cable which hasn’t been properly installed. Make sure you check the cable attached HDMI and VGA cable. Connect the cable and then disconnect.

Try disconnecting the monitor’s power cable, before plugging it back into.

Check, how many HDMI/VGA ports you can find present in the bottom of the laptop? If there are multiple ports, then check to use them all.

Check Computer Solution No Image

#2. The Computer Does Not Turn On At All

Most of the time, the power cable isn’t properly installed. Check first, particularly the one that is connected to the power source.

You can also try connecting the power cable directly to the socket using a plug extended using cables.

#3. Computer Error Message Appears

The problem occurs when you the boot. An error message is displayed that indicates a missing operating system , and the like.

The problem is caused by an uninstalled system installed when the computer was first bought. Look for a friend who is able to help, and seek help installing.

The final word

Here’s a brief review of how to start the computer correctly.

This guide is intended for people who just purchased or built a computer, but aren’t sure how to use an computer.

If you think something is unclear, tell me about it. To ensure that I later amend this article to make it more comprehensive.

I hope it proves useful.

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