You’ve likely had the pleasure of seeing website images that have text on them previously. This can give a nice professional look and personality to your website. However, if you’re not sure how to accomplish it, don’t worry! In this post, we’ll walk you through how to add the text on your website images with ease.

You may think adding text to your images is easy however if you do it wrong, it may appear unprofessional and amateur. Here, we’ll guide you on the best way to incorporate text into your website images in a professional manner and make sure that your photos appear professional and polished.

Images are a crucial component of any website including text can create a distinct appearance. This article will show you how to include text on your images with ease and ensure that your website looks stunning and is simple to navigate.

How do you add text to images on websites?

Text added in the website images is an excellent method to increase your site’s accessibility and SEO. There are many methods to add text to your photos, and this guide will teach you how to accomplish it in a professional manner.

Before you begin, ensure that your image is in proper format. The majority of websites use JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats for their images. Make sure your image is formatted in any of the formats prior to you begin adding text. After that, open your image using software such as Photoshop or GIMP and begin adding text. It is possible to use any type of text you’d like However, some suggestions for adding text that is effective are provided below.

First, ensure that you have a font that is large enough that the text is readable easily. Also, ensure that the text is placed in the center of the image to ensure it appears uniform throughout all mobile devices. Thirdly, ensure you have the words placed equally throughout the image, to ensure that it doesn’t appear like it’s crowded or mixed up. Fourth, be aware of the amount of light and dark the background is, so that the text is visible in a clear and distinct manner.

Tips to Make Your Text Look Beautiful

By adding the text on the website images can help make your content appear professional and professional.

These are guidelines to make the most of the text you add to photos:

1. Make use of a good font
The choice of font is crucial when it comes to adding texts to images. Select a font that looks appealing on the page, and also one that can be read even at a smaller size. Arial, Courier, Verdana as well as other common fonts work well when text is included in website images.

2. Make sure that the text is aligned correctly
The text must be aligned right or left inside an image frame and on top or bottom if it is outside of the image frame. The correct alignment of text will make it appear neat and tidy.

3. Make sure you use images with enough contrast
Text should be simple to read when viewed against a backdrop of vibrant shades or clear whites. Make sure that the images have enough contrast that the text pops out however it doesn’t overpower the picture.

4. Use Alt Text to represent Special Characters
If you’re using specific characters within your content (like (c) (r) or (r)) make sure you include an alt text that explains the meaning of the character instead of placing the character directly on the image.


The addition of text in your website images is an arduous task however, with just the help of a few easy steps, you can create the appearance and feel you’re looking for. If you require a short caption or are looking to create an complex piece of text, this guide will teach you how to include text on your images as if you were a professional.

To begin, open an image within PicMonkey and then click on the Edit tab. From there, you’ll be able to choose the tool for text (it appears like pencils) and begin typing. It is also possible to use keys (Ctrl+A for everything, Ctrl+C to copy or copy, etc. ) You can also drag and drop other types of text into PicMonkey. Once you have your text ready then click on”OK” and save your edits.

There are a few points to remember when you add texts to images

– Ensure that your font is appropriate to web use. Many fonts were designed to print, but they may not be suitable for the computer screen. Try a font that is free online before you purchase the more costly one.


Text overlays on photos of your website is an easy method to give your website an identity and to make it more interesting. With Canva it is possible to create gorgeous text overlays in a matter of minutes that look amazing in any website.

Three suggestions for creating amazing texts overlays

1. Consider the message you intend to convey.
Before you begin creating it is important to are clear on the message you wish to convey. This will allow you to choose the correct text and color as well as design to create your overlay text.

2. Utilize typography to help enhance your message.
Choose the appropriate font for your text overlay and make use of different sizes and fonts to make an impressive impact. For instance, choose the bold font to highlight certain phrases or words or use a lighter font to emphasize soft text.

3. Images can be used to complement an overlay of text.
Images can aid in visually breaking the text into smaller pieces as well as provide an understanding of structure and context for your readers. Make sure to use images that complement the style of your text overlay or pictures that complement the message of your blog post.

Wix Image Editor

If you’re like many web designers, you’ve likely have to add text to your website images by hand. But what if you were able to accomplish this quickly and effortlessly using the image editor on Wix? This article will demonstrate the steps to include text on your website images by using an image editor on Wix Image Editor.

The first step is to create a picture file from scratch by clicking on the “Create Image” button on the main Wix image editor screen. If you are asked, provide your image with the name (for instance, “text-image.jpg”).

Click on”Text” and then click on the “Text” tab at the top of the screen. There are a variety of pre-designed options to add text to your photos. If you’d like to add text that is visible in both the thumbnail view and also when you see your image’s in full dimension on website We recommend you use”Scale Text To Fit Image “Scale Text To Fit Image” option. This will automatically reduce the size of the text to ensure it perfectly fits within the dimensions of your image.

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