If you are teaching using Google Classroom it is necessary to create a class before you can start. This feature to present material as well as make announcements, and many more.

For instance, if teach multiple classes, and the history of your classes is a problem for the look of Google Classroom It is suggested to archive your class when you have completed your lessons.

When it comes to how to archive courses in Google Classroom, unfortunately, there are people who aren’t aware. So, I’ll explain the procedure in detail.

Classroom Archiving Function in Google Classroom

Before I talk about how it’s beneficial to be aware of the purposes of archiving class materials on Google Classroom. Here are a few of its purposes:

  • Help make Google Classroom look neater or less clutter-filled
  • It will be easier for you to get to the next class you’d like to teach
  • The class history should be saved when it is not being used to ensure that it will be opened if a day comes around.
  • One of the steps for removing the class

How to Archive Classes in Google Classroom

The process of archiving classes on Google Classroom can be said to be simple. In this case, you only have to choose the advanced settings for the class and then choose an archive option.

The class you select later will be archived automatically. Just follow these steps for more information:

1. To begin, you must start a new browser, and then launch Google Classroom first.

2. Then, click the three-dot icon on the class you’d like to archive.

Open Google Classroom in Browser

3. Keep selecting an Archive option.

Archive Menu in Classroom
4. A notification message will display Please click Archive to confirm the message.

Class Archive Confirmation in Classroom
5. Done.

How to View Class Archives in Classroom

In general, classes that have been archived will no longer be available in Google Classroom Classes. Google Classroom Classes page. Instead, they will be stored and transferred to a different page.

If you’re interested in knowing how to access the archives of your class within Classroom Here are the steps to follow:

1. Click the three-line icon before you click the.

Click the Three Line Icon in Classroom

2. Select from the Archived Classes menu.

Select the Class You Want to Archive

3. In the future, all archived classes will be at this site.

4. Done.

How to Delete Classroom Class Archives

After being archived, you are able to just delete the class, or you can even restore it. Since, as we’ve seen the delete option isn’t available, the class remains in its main webpage.

If you’d like to know how to erase Classroom archives of classes and how to recover them, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the archived Class page first.

2. Click the three dots icon in the class you’d like to erase.

3. Then, choose the delete option.

4. If you receive a message of notification you need to delete, click it again to confirm the message.

5. In the meantime, to restore or the class, use the three dots in a different class.

6. Then select Restore.

7. A recovery message will be displayed, please Click Restore again.

8. Please also check out the updated class at the top of this page.

9. Done.

The final word

In Google Classroom it is possible to archive classes so that they are accessible at any time we wish.

To use the method described. The archive settings are accessible via a separate page or classes which are archived afterward and accessible can also be deleted permanently.

If you have any additional concerns regarding this feature of the class archive take note of it and ask for the specifics via the comments box below.

Hope this is helpful.

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