Language is crucial in the use of software applications. It is important to understand the language used in applications.

Google Meet is one application I’ll be discussing. Google Meet has many great features. Google Meet doesn’t offer a language setting that is directly selectable.

If you’re curious about changing the language in Google Meet, I’ll show you.

How to change Google Meet Language on PC/Laptop

Google Meet can be used on a computer or laptop, by visiting the official website through a browser.

We can modify the language settings directly through our Google account configuration. Similar to how we can change the name for our Google Meet account.

Here’s more information on how to change Google Meet language on a laptop or PC:

1. First, please open Google Chrome.

2. Next, click on the profile of your Google account and choose Manage your Google Account.

Manage Your Google Account Options

3. You can click on the Personal Info tab after you have created a Google Account.

4. Scroll down and click on the Language menu in General preferences for the Web column.

5. You will then be taken to the Language page. Here you can click on the pencil icon located in the Preferred Language column.

6. Next, type Indonesia and then click Select.

Indonesian Language Options at Google Meet

7. You can also go back to Google Meet to verify that the language has changed.

8. Done.

Yes, you can change the language in your browser by logging into your Google account. It’s not just on Google Meet.

How to change the Google Meet Language on Mobile

You can also change the language settings of the Google Meet application on your phone if you are using it.

You can then search for the language that you wish to use. The language of the Google Meet app and the entire system on the phone will be updated.

Follow these steps to modify the Google Meet language of your phone.

1. Let’s start by checking the language used in the Google Meet app.

2. Next, open Settings on your cellphone.

3. Next, look for general management settings.

General Management Option on HP

4. Input and language in Ketuk

Input Language and Output

5. Next, tap the Language menu.

6. Click the Add Language button.

Language option for HP

7. Locate the language that you wish to add. For example, here is Indonesian.

8. After that, a message will be displayed SetIndonesia as the default language. Here you can tap Set as default and apply the language.

Default Language HP

9. Please open Google Meet and verify the language.

10. Done.

It is best to only use the language you are familiar with, as the system-wide language of your phone will also change.

The last word

These are the ways you can change the language of Google Meet. It doesn’t matter if it’s for users who use Google Meet on desktops, laptops, or HP apps.

You can choose the language setting you prefer. Google supports almost all languages. Google supports all languages, even the ones we use the most, Indonesian, English, and French.

Please leave a comment below if you don’t understand something or aren’t sure what to do. We hope you find it useful.

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