You can often see the names of other participants when you join a Google Meet conference.

There are sometimes people who use the real name. Sometimes, there are others who don’t.

The Google Meet account follows the Gmail account settings. It’s also possible to change the name.

Let me tell you a bit about changing the name in Google Meet. Via a laptop / PC or HP.

How to change Google Meet Name on PC/Laptop

As you know, this name setting is linked to the email. You will need to then open the Google account settings.

You can rename the domain. These steps will provide a better overview.

1. Open the browser first. Here I am using Google Chrome.

2. Next, visit the Google Meet website.

3. Click on the Google account profile link at the top, and then select Manage your Google Account.

Go to Google Meet Settings

4. Next, select the Personal Info tab. Please click the Name column.

Google Meet Name Field Options

5. You can then change your name as often as you like.

6. Click the Save button if you already have.

Change the base name of your Google account

7. Next, go back to Google Meet and log in to the meeting room.

8. Your Google Meet name was successfully changed.

Example of Google Meet Rename Successfully

9. Done.

In this example, I’m trying to change Leskompi Admin’s name to Account Leskompi.

Yes, it is possible to apply the new name by refreshing the Google Meet page.

How to change Google Meet Name on Mobile

The process for the Google Meet app on HP is almost identical. You will need to use the Google Meet app directly to access your Google account profile menu.

Then you will be able to find and modify the column name. The new name will be used by Google Meet later.

Here’s how you can change Google Meet on your cellphone.

1. First, first check your name in Google Meet. Here is my Google Meet name: Leskompi Account.

Check out Google Meet Name First

2. Next, open Google Meet and tap the profile icon.

3. Next, click the Manage Your Google Account button.

Menu Manage your Google Account

4. Please tap the Personal Info tab if you have already entered Google Settings.

5. Next, tap on the Name column of the Basic Info settings.

Name Column in Google Meet HP

6. Next, enter the name you wish to use. Here, I will change the name to Admin LesKompi.

7. You can, for example, tap Save.

Option to Apply a New Name in Google Meet

8. Finally, make sure to double-check your identity by entering the meeting room on Google Meet.

Example Completed of Rename Google Meet HP

9. Done.

You might ask your friends and acquaintances in the Meet room if their account names have changed.

If you don’t, please repeat the steps above to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The last word

That’s basically how you change the name Google Meet. You can apply. It doesn’t matter if you use the HP application or the Google Meet PC or laptop version.

Even though the device may be different, the method to change your account name is the same. Google Meet can be integrated into your Gmail account.

If you have any questions regarding changing your Google Meet Name, you can send them directly to the comments section.

We hope you find it useful.

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