If you’re like most then your iPhone is your preferred device to watch videos and browsing the web. However, if you wish to watch movies or utilize other web-based applications using your Roku box you’ll need to mirror the screen of your iPhone. This guide will teach you how!

Now you’ve obtained the iPhone and you’re eager to take your entertainment everywhere you go. But what happens if you want to stream your favourite films or shows using your Roku? Here’s how!

What exactly is Mirroring?

Mirroring the content of your iPhone onto Roku is an excellent method to stream movies as well as TV on the huge screen.

This is how it does it:

1. On your iPhone Open on your phone the Settings app and then select General.
2. “Settings,” under “Settings,” select Media and then choose Mirroring.
3. On your Roku you can open the Home screen, then click the system button (three lines inside an oval box).
4. “System” under “System,” select HDMI Output, and then choose My iPhone under “Devices.”
5. Choose the film or TV show you’d like to see from the available content. Press”OK” on your iPhone or press play with your Roku.

How do I Mirror an iPhone to the Roku Device

If you’re interested in mirroring or mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Roku device There are several options for doing it.

Another option is to use an app such as AirPlay Mirroring, which will let you send audio and videos via the device like your iPhone and iPad direct onto the Roku device. It’s simple and easy to use, however it has some limitations. For instance it is only able to mirror audio files. You aren’t able to access one of the features specifically designed for Roku gadgets (like Live streaming).

If you’d like greater freedom over this process you can also utilize an online streaming service such as Hulu Plus or Netflix to stream content via the iPhone or iPad to your Roku device. This is more complex than making use of an app but it gives you the flexibility of an app. It allows you to stream live videos, download games and apps which aren’t compatible with Roku devices or mirror images and videos.

Whichever route you pick however, ensure that you’re aware of the disadvantages of each method before you begin. If you get stuck do not be afraid to seek assistance. There are plenty of knowledgeable users on the internet who are more than happy to provide a bit of help.

What to do? Mirror Your iPhone to Roku

If you’d like for your display to be mirrored iPhone display to your Roku player there are a few steps that you must follow.

1. Make sure you connect the devices of your iPhone as well as Roku gadgets to the network.
2. On your iPhone you can open your iPhone’s Settings app and choose General > Display & Keyboard.
3. Under the section Display, click Mirroring and then select Roku among the devices available.
4. On your Roku Open the Home screen, then select from the channel menu.
5. Choose My TV and then select Add Channel from the menu that pops up.
6. Select OK to create the channel. Then enter the password required (0000).
7. On your iPhone tap the Home button, then select Channels in the menu.
8. Choose My iPhone TV Shows from the list of channels. Then hit Enter to start It on the Roku player.

Which Roku Devices are compatible with AirPlay?

A large number of users have Roku devices, however none of them supports AirPlay.
If you own an Roku device that is compatible with AirPlay it, you can utilize this device for mirroring the screen of your iPhone and iPad display onto the.
To accomplish this, you’ll must set up your Roku device using your account, and then connect it to the home network.
After that, you can start then the Roku app for the iPhone or iPad and click”Add Accounts” or click the “Add Accounts” button.
Within the “Add Account” dialog box Click on the “+” icon next to “AirPlay Mirroring” and enter the information for your account.
Then, choose the device you want to connect to, such as your iPhone as well as iPad from the available devices and hit”Connect” after which press the “Connect” button.
You iPhone or iPad will be now accessible as a display with your Roku app.
To mirror your screen, simply click”Mirror” to mirror the screen “Mirror” button in the upper right-hand corner of Roku app.

Watching Videos on Roku via Your iPhone

If you’d like to watch video on the iPhone however, you don’t own an Roku device, there’s an alternative. Mirror your iPhone’s display to the screen of your Roku device. This allows you to enjoy video on Roku without needing computers.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. On your iPhone start your iPhone’s Settings app.

2. On the Settings app In the Settings app, select General.

3. The General tab, click Display & Brightness.

4. Under the Display & Brightness section, tap Mirror Screen.

5. If required it is necessary, make sure to enter in the appropriate fields your Roku IP address, username, or password in the appropriate fields.

6. Tap Mirror Screen again to bring you back to the primary Settings screen.

7. To play movies on your Roku device, just open Roku’s Roku app and choose the video from your iPhone’s library.

How to Modify AirPlay Settings on your Roku Device

If you’re like the majority of people using the iPhone to stream videos, music as well as different content on apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video onto your Roku device. What if, however, you’d like to watch some content in your Roku device that you’ve been streaming on your iPhone? Here’s how you can duplicate the content from your iPhone into Roku.

Mirror you iPhone onto Roku:

1.) If you’re using an iPhone start your iPhone’s Settings app.
2.) 2. Under “Devices,” tap “Remote.”
3) 3. Under “Mirroring,” select “Roku.”
4.) In your Roku device, go to your device’s Settings app.
5.) 5. Under “General,” tap “AirPlay.”
6) Under “Your iOS Device,” tap “On.”
7.) 7. Under “Destination,” choose “Roku.”
8.) Then, under “Audio Output,” choose “Built-in Speakers (2Ch).

Making Videos and photos using Your iPhone and Roku

If you’re like the majority of people likely, you use your iPhone to snap pictures and videos using the standard camera app and also to stream video streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

What if you want to stream a movie via Roku or stream videos and pictures on the iPhone on a large screen within your home? If you have the Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV You can simply mirror your iPhone to these devices.

In order to mirror the contents of your iPhone to Roku take the steps below:

1. On your iPhone Open your iPhone’s Settings app and select General.
2. In the menu “Display & Brightness,” tap “mirroring.”
3. In the section titled “Mirroring,” select “Roku.”
4. On Roku Go on the home screen, and locate the app known as “Roku.”
5. Within the “Roku” app, tap the icon that reads “Add Channel.” You’ll get a list of channels which are accessible on Roku. Select the channel that is compatible to your device (for instance, if you’re having the Apple TV, tap “Apple TV”). Scroll until you can find “iPhone” and tap it

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