View Deleted Tweets Twitter is a social platform where millions share their daily lives and thoughts. Recent studies show that there will be around 199 million active users by 2021. It will surprise you to learn that approximately 500 million tweets are shared each day by people. So much engagement!

While some people tweet random thoughts, others post about specific situations in their lives and society. People often delete tweets immediately or after a time. Do you know how to view deleted tweets?

You think you can’t see them? You can, if you know the right way. This article will explain how to view deleted tweets quickly and easily. Let’s get on with it!

Easy Method to See Deleted Tweets

Twitter Archive It must be a well-known Twitter user. Twitter archive can be thought of as your private server for your Twitter account. Twitter stores all data associated with your account from the moment you created it.

You can still access your tweets archive even if they are deleted. You can access the Twitter Archive panel by selecting the settings option. Once there, you can download all of your posts.

But, without a Twitter archive viewer, you won’t be able to see the downloaded file. The good news is that they don’t require you to install additional applications. You can view the file using your normal web browser. To see deleted tweets, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Finding the Archive File

You will need to first download the file from your computer or save it somewhere else. To extract the Zip file, you will need “RAR” or another similar software.

After extracting the file locate “You are achieving”, and then open it.

Step 2 – opening the Archive File

After you have opened the file, your default web browser will redirect you to it. There you can search for all deleted tweets.

That’s all! From the file option, both deleted and new tweets will be displayed in your browser.

You can’t post them if you’re offline. You can either take a screenshot and then post the tweet again. You can also copy the text and post it as a new Tweet.

How to See Deleted Tweets From Google Caches

Google is not a search engine, but a software program. Google’s powerful platform allows users to do many other things than just search. You can use the Google caches to view deleted tweets. These are the steps to follow in order to see deleted tweets using Google caches.

Step 1 – Searching for Twitter Page

You will first need to go to the Google search page. Next, look for your Twitter account. When you search for it, your page should appear at the top.

Click on the down-array sign to the right of your URL.

Step 2 –Cached

Click on the down array sign to bring up a menu option called “Cached”. You can find all of your tweets that have been deleted or are currently cached.

You can also see the tweets of other people that have been deleted using this option. Hassle-free!

Noted This method makes it easy to see deleted tweets. It takes only seconds to find them. You should make sure that your browser does not have any cache. It will be difficult to find deleted tweets if you do.

See deleted tweets of someone

You already know how to delete tweets from your account. You can see other tweets using the same technique. To see deleted tweets, you can use the second method.

We do not recommend deleting tweets, but we still offer other ways.

1. Internet Archive – Wayback machine

The Internet Archive – Wayback Machine is a popular site that allows you to view deleted tweets from others.

Simply enter a page or person username, and choose a time frame to view deleted posts at a specific time.

This is how works:

  • First, you’ll visit using your browser.
  • Once their website is displayed, enter the page username or profile you wish to verify.
  • Next, choose the Browse History option
  • Next, select a schedule to view a specific time-destroyed post
  • After you choose the date, both the deleted text as well as the pictures will be displayed at that time.


Another user-friendly website allows you to view deleted tweets. Simply enter your Twitter username and it will display all deleted Tweets from a specific profile or page.

Can You See Pictures with Deleted Tweets?

It is sometimes possible but not always. Twitter users can upload pictures with text. A separate link is provided for each photo.

You can view and download the image if you have the link. However, if you don’t have the URLs, the picture may not be found while viewing deleted tweets.

Final Thought

There are many ways to view deleted tweets from your account as well as other accounts. These methods are not the only ones you can use. You may also be able to see which accounts have already shared deleted tweets via screenshot.

This happens when a tweet becomes viral and thousands or even millions of people re-tweet the message. It is illegal to share any tweet without permission. If they feel the post is being used to defame them, they can request Twitter to delete it.

One thing we can be certain of is that every tweet and picture posted on social media should be considered before it goes out. You can’t stop someone from posting something once you have posted it. Even if you’ve deleted your tweet, someone may copy it or save it.

You should now be able to view deleted tweets from your account and other accounts. Try another method if one doesn’t work.

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