Snapchat is a well-known social media platform. It’s a messaging app that uses the word snap to describe many photos and videos. You can edit these videos and photos while you are sharing them.

Snapchat, an American multimedia app that allows people to share photos and videos with their friends and family for a brief period of time, is called American Snapchat. We have some amazing tips and tricks to help you make friends, but not with strangers.

Yes, this is How to Find a Mutual Friend on Snapchat. But before we get started, let’s talk about snapchat and its key features. What mutual friends are there on Snapchat? How to Log in to Snapchat.

Key features of Snapchat:

Snap Cash: allows you to send and receive money via messaging

Story: You can share photos and videos with one or several friends.

Geo filter – Show location automatically

Chat screen – Shows you Snaps, Stories, and Chats from your friend

Bitmoji Create an account and link it up with your avatar

Snapcode – Send Snapcodes to friends and unlock filters or websites.

What does it mean to have mutual friends on Snapchat?

Mutual friends are friends made on Snapchat. You can choose to have mutual contact and not just make friends with strangers.

How can you see your Snapchat friends?

Step1 : Use your Android phone to log in to Snapchat You will also learn how to log into snap chat if you’re a beginner.

Step2 After you log in to your account, a screen will appear showing the camera.

Step3 – Next, look for a Bitmoji icon in the upper left corner of your screen

Step4 Tab on Bitmoji to take you directly to your profile

Step5 Scroll down

Step6 – Scroll down to find the “Add friend” option.

Step7 To add a friend, click on the “Add friend” button. The ‘Quick Add’ section displays the sections ‘Added me and ‘Quick ADD.’ The ‘Added me’ section shows the list of people who have sent you a friend request.

Step8 – Scroll down to find the second option, ‘Quick Add’.

You will find a list with mutual friends that you can use as a suggestion for making a friend.

Snapchat shows you only the list of mutual friends. You will notice that under most profiles’ IDs, there will be one or more mutual friends.

Let’s say your id is “x.” Next, use the quick list to find an ID named “Y.” Y is not your friend, but the friend or acquaintance of your other friend.

Y is a suggestion to make a friend. If you see the term as 3mutual friends, or 20 mutual friends, that refers to the number of mutual friends.

How to make Snapchat friends?

You will see the “Add friend” option on the right side of the Quick Add menu listing when you view mutual friends. After clicking on “Add friend”, you can send a friend request for your mutual friend.

Let’s start by learning how to log into Snapchat if you are new to snapchat.

How do I log in to Snapchat?

  • Get the apps from the Play Store
  • Snap Chat Apps
  • A sign-up option will be displayed. Click the sign up button
  • A form will open to collect your data.
  • Complete the form with your name. Then, click the signup or agree buttons.
  • Next, enter your birth date.
  • Please fill in your user name, password and valid email address
  • Next, verify your account.
  • After authentication, you will be able to log in using your username and password.

Snapchat: How to hide your friends

Step1 – Get to your profile by tapping in the upper left corner

Step2 : Next, click on the option “my friend”. Then you’ll find the list with your friends.

Step3 Tap the profiles you wish to hide

Step4 Next, click the three dots at the upper right. You will then be able to view, remove, delete, or clear the message notification.

However, it is impossible to hide the contact. Snap chat does not allow you to hide contacts. You can however quickly muffle your friends without them realizing.

To mut a friend from this page, tap on the message notification. Next, choose silent from the popup. You can then mute friends without them knowing. This will allow you to mute your friend rather than hiding.


  • How many mutual friends are there on Snapchat?

These users could be your friends’ followers. You may also be part of their snap chat group.

  • What does 20+ mutual friends imply?

You can automatically get the suggestions of mutual friends if you have friends. Both you and the “20 mutual friends” id you see have many friends in common.

  • Snapchat allows people to see the friends of yours.

Snap chat is not available to general users. However, snap chat users can view the friends of their friends by going to the add list. This means that you have some common friends.

We hope that you now know how Snapchat works and feel confident to make snapchat friends. We hope you will also benefit from these tips by making friends with your near one.


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