The choice of the right logo hue can be a challenging challenge, but by using this cheat sheet that will help you pick the ideal shade for your business without stress!

Logos are one of the most crucial elements of branding that a company could have, which is why it’s crucial you pick the appropriate colors for your logo. We’ll provide some tips for choosing the best colours for the logo and we’ll also give you an information sheet that you are able to remember the colors that go with what different types of business.

The process of creating a logo can be difficult however, with the proper tools, it can be made much easier. This cheatsheet will discuss different aspects of designing logos and provide you with guidelines on how to select the colors you want to use.

What colors are suitable for a logo?

The choice of a color to use for your logo might be a daunting process However, with just a amount of study and useful tips, you will choose the right color for your company.

In the beginning, you need to determine the business you run. Do you work in the field of technology? Perhaps blue is your colour of preference. Are you working in the fitness and health business? Red could be an excellent alternative for you. When you have a clear idea of the type of business you operate working in, then you are able to begin making a list of options.

When you’ve got an idea of the hue you’d like to use, it’s time to start looking through printing and web sources. You can look through a myriad of websites that provide logo design services, or look through top design magazines and newsprints. You might also wish to speak with an experienced graphic designer who can assist you in bringing your concepts to reality.

Tips on picking the best colors for your company

Selecting the perfect logo colors for your business may be difficult however, with the cheatsheet, it’ll be easy. Use these guidelines to select the ideal colours for your company.

When choosing a color for your company, take note of the primary purpose of your business. For instance, if your business is selling items online Blue could be more efficient than green or yellow.
Take into consideration the other colors you use in your branding. For instance, if you are using black and red as the primary colors of your business do not select a blue shade for your logo simply because it’s a good match when paired. It is important to think about the way each color appears on various backgrounds and products.

Take into consideration how the logo will look across different dimensions and different types of devices. Does it look good on signs or T-shirts? Can it be printed well?
Some businesses choose to use the “logo bible” to help select the best colors for their branding. Logo bibles are a collection of various logos in different styles and colors which can assist you in finding ideas.

What are the most common mistakes that people make when selecting the colors of their logo?

Selecting the colors for your logo can be a challenging task, but with just a small amount of knowledge and a few tricks will simplify the process.

Four typical mistakes that people make when selecting colors for their logos:

1. Do not take into consideration the culture of the company. The company’s culture plays a an important role in the way you select your logo’s colors. For instance, a business which is relaxed and casual could choose to utilize colors that are in the lighter side and a formal business might choose darker hues.

2. Don’t think about the market you want to target. The colors you choose for your logo must be appealing to your intended market, so be sure to take into consideration the colors they would prefer. For instance, if your business sells products targeted at teenagers it is possible to select colours that have a lot of appeal with the young people in this age group.

3. Don’t forget the message of your brand. Your logo should reflect the overall message of the brand and design. Check that all of the branding elements (logo web design, logo etc.) are in sync before you make any decision regarding color schemes for your logo.

Logo color meanings

If you’re brand new to designing logos, you might not know the different meanings of colors behind a lot of famous logos. This cheat sheet can assist you in choosing the right colour for the next design!

Blue: Resilience, trustworthiness and peace
Brown: Tradition, reliability, stability
Green: Nature, growth, fertility
Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, action
Pink: Femininity, sweetness, youthfulness
Purple: Prestige, power, luxury

Logo Colors Cheat Sheet (+Tips to Choose Your Own)


Red is the most used color used for logos. It’s vibrant, lively and stands out. The other colors that are popular for logos are orange and blue.

When choosing the appropriate colour for your business consider the message you want your logo’s design to convey. Are you trying to represent your company’s image? Your product? Your persona? Once you’ve identified your primary element of your logo’s design select a complimentary color to increase the impact.

For instance, if your company’s principal feature is speed, then choose either a yellow or blue logo style to show this. If your products are camping equipment choose the color brown or green to show the nature of your product. If you’re looking to showcase your individuality choose fun colours like purple or pink!


Logo Colors:

The most sought-after color is orange. color used for logos of companies.
Other popular colors for logos include light green, yellow or dark-green.
Think about using a contrast color to make your make your clothes stand out.
Avoid using orange-colored shades because they are too similar.


The color yellow is the perfect choice for companies who seek a bright and warm tone. It can be utilized in many different contexts including hospitality, retail and. Another reason to use yellow are its connection with optimism, sunshine and energy.

Logo Colors:
Yellow is the most popular color for logos and is an excellent option for branding a company’s name or product.
A logo that is yellow will be easily visible and is suitable to promote personal or branding for businesses.
Other colors that could be used to create logos with yellow colors are orange, green as well as red.

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